Zenith Staff

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Occupational Therapists

profile image of Rhonda Mattson profile image of Jessica Perkins profile image of Carrie Freuck unavailable
Rhonda Mattson, MOTR/L, CHT Jessica Perkins, MOTR/L Carrie Freuck, Coda
rmattson@zenithrt.com jperkins@zenithrt.com cfreuck@zenithrt.com

Speech Therapists

profile image of Alyssa DeRoos profile image of Kaitlyn McGuffin unavailable profile image of Jadie Knobbe unavailable profile image of Carson Root unavailable profile image of Emily Hines unavailable profile image of Jason Van Buren unavailable
Alyssa DeRoos, MSLP-CCC Kaitlyn McGuffin, MSLP-CCC Jadie Knobbe, MSLP Carson Root, SLPA Emily Hines, SLPA Jason Van Buren, SLPA
aderoos@zenithrt.com kmcguffin@zenithrt.com jknobbe@zenithrt.com croot@zenithrt.com ehines@zenithrt.com jvanburen@zenithrt.com

Physical Therapists

profile image of Alyssa Bayard unavailable profile image of GlenNeisha Pouncil
Alyssa Bayard, DPT GlenNeisha Pouncil, PTA
abayard@zenithrt.com gpouncil@zenithrt.com

Business Team

profile image of Annetta Toomey profile image of Amy Scott
Business Manager:
Annetta Toomey, MA
Front Desk Reception:
Amy Scott
aktoomey@zenithrt.com ascott@zenithrt.com